Mayors Halloran and Mathieson explain Intelligent Communities at the Empire Club

This afternoon, Mayors Barbara Halloran and Dan Mathieson of Waterloo and Stratford, respectively, were invited to discuss the hallmarks and differentiators of ‘smart cities’ and ‘intelligent communities’ as coined by the Intelligent Community Forum.

Or, as we like to say in Stratford, “It takes a smart city to become an intelligent community.”

They were interviewed by ICF Co-Founder John Jung during a luncheon at the auspicious Empire Club in Toronto.

You can watch the session here:

Stratford Mayor Dan Mathieson, Waterloo Mayor Barbara Halloran

David Hicks


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Globe an Mail coverage for uWaterloo Stratford Campus MDEI program

When an MBA is not just an MBA, The Globe And Mail

When an MBA is not just an MBA

Good article on the Globe and Mail website about the Master of Digital Experience Innovation program at the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus and other universities responding to the need for specialization in the current economy.



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Canada’s Connectivity Improving — Is yours?

As The Beatles once sang, “It’s getting better all the ti-i-ime.”

According to The┬áState of the Internet, a regular report produced by Akamai, one of the world’s leading cloud data companies, Canada’s connection speeds are steadily improving.

Akamai connectivity chart, Canada

In this chart, we see quarterly increases, with the occasional dip, bringing our national average to 7.8 megabits per second – vs. the US average of 8.6Mbps.

How does this compare with your experience where you live or work?

You can do a quick connection speed test at this website,









David Hicks, Pensario Communication

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CDMN by the Numbers

This infographic nicely sums up Canadian and global digital media trends.

CDMN by the Numbers

To see a higher resolution version, you can see it here on CDMN’s website.

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ICF’s Robert Bell summarizes his Stratford experience


New York’s Intelligent Community Forum has posted a quick summary of Robert Bell’s impressions from his visits to Stratford.

“So in three years, the city has reproduced at small scale the innovation triangle of education, business and government collaboration that powers economic growth worldwide. ”

To read the article, go here.

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